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Blake Lively’s Unexpected Response to a Fan Shoutout

Blake Lively has jokes!

jeudi 4 mai, Il y a 8 mois
 5 min

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Actress Blake Lively playfully trolls a fan at a Wrexham football game in Wales co-owned by her and Ryan Reynolds. When asked to greet the fan's girlfriend Stephanie, she jokingly advises her to leave him. The couple's prankster dynamic is well-known, and despite the joke, the fan's girlfriend was happy. Their playful nature contributes to their strong 10-year marriage, and they recently welcomed their fourth child.


• Hubby
Informal for husband.

• Pal
A friend.

• Schedule
A list of planned activities or things to be done showing the times or dates.

• To Attend
To go to an event, place, etc.

• To Break Up
If a marriage breaks up or two people in a romantic relationship break up, their marriage or their relationship ends.

• Crippling
Causing serious injuries or harm.

• Moron
A very stupid person.

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