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Barack Obama Reacts to Michelle's Claim

Barack Obama reacts to Michelle Obama's past comments saying she ‘couldn’t stand’ him for 10 years of their marriage.

mardi 30 mai, Il y a 7 mois
 5 min

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In an interview with CBS, former President Barack Obama responds to his wife Michelle's previous comments about their marriage. Michelle had mentioned that for about 10 years of their marriage, she didn't like him. Barack acknowledges the role he played in her frustrations and admits that being out of the White House and having more time together has helped their relationship. He also reflects on the stress and tension Michelle experienced while raising their daughters in an abnormal situation. Michelle, however, has become more forgiving of his flaws and acknowledges that he did well as a father. Despite the challenges they faced, Michelle expresses her love and admiration for Barack, emphasizing that marriage isn't always equal but is about how you perceive it.


• Grace
Favorable regard or goodwill.

• Forgiving
Willing to pardon or overlook mistakes or offenses.

• Flaw
Imperfection or weakness.

• Emptiness syndrome
A feeling of sadness or loss experienced by parents when their children leave home.

• Hindsight
Understanding or insight gained after an event has occurred.

• Affordables
Mistakes or shortcomings.

• Inspiring
Filled with the ability to stimulate or motivate.

• Public eye
The attention or scrutiny of the public.

• Catty
Intended to hurt someone, unkind.

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