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Bad Teamwork - For The Birds

For the Birds: A Short Film to Reflect on Diversity and Teamwork.

dimanche 29 mai, Il y a 20 mois
 5 min

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The story.
Fifteen blue birds land one-by-one on a power line, where they encounter a huge and goofy looking bird.
They mimic and tease him, but he goes on the wire, anyway.
Since the big bird is heavier than the smaller ones, the wire drops under his weight. To make him let go of the wire, the little birds start pecking on his toes.
They successfully get him off, but when the big bird falls off, the birds are flung away into the sky when the wire snaps back up.
When they come back down, we see that they have all lost their feathers, making them the goofy looking ones now.
The short film ends with the big bird laughing hysterically as the other birds hide behind him.

This story, besides helping us reflect on diversity, teaches us and reminds us of a basic rule of coexistence. Like the little birds in the short film, we must learn to respect and relate to all kinds of people, regardless of their characteristics.

Video creator: For The Birds. 2000. Directed by R. Eggleston. Pixar Animation Studios.

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