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Apple Vision Pro Headset: Price, Specs and Other Details

Apple Unveils Vision Pro: The New Mixed Reality Headset Blending Virtual and Augmented Experience

mercredi 7 juin, Il y a 7 mois
 5 min

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The headset combines virtual reality and augmented reality, allowing users to experience both virtual worlds and digital objects in their real surroundings. The device has a slim and lightweight design with a screen on the front that shows the wearer's eyes. It features multiple cameras, hand navigation, and a digital crown dial for controlling the virtual world. The headset can capture spatial 3D videos and photos, and it offers various applications for work, communication, entertainment, and gaming. Apple aims to encourage software developers to create new applications for VisionOS, the operating system powering the headset.

Headset: A device worn on the head that contains a screen or displays images and is used for virtual reality or augmented reality experiences.

Augmented: Made greater, more complete, or more significant by the addition of something else.

Goggles: Protective eyewear that covers the eyes.

Controller: A device used to operate or control something.

Navigate: To find one's way or plan and direct the course.

Canvas: A surface used for painting or drawing.

Rendering: The process of generating a final image from a model or description.

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