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An unusual sport: Joggling

Have you ever heard of joggling before?Micheal comes from Nova Scotia and plans on competing in the World Championship.

dimanche 7 ao�t, Il y a 17 mois
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Joggling is a mix of jogging and juggling. Jogglers must jog while juggling objects.
There has been an annual Joggling World Championship since 1980. Races vary in length and can be as long as 5km. Micheal uses juggling balls, pins and soft balls. He even juggles knives! He is able to run very fast while juggling, it's quite impressive.

Let's take a look at some of the vocabulary and expressions from the video:

• To master a skill: Mastering the skill of tossing multiple props while jogging can take patience and years to get it right.

• A common sight: A runner enjoying a summer day is a common sight but this isn't : jogging while juggling, also known as joggling.

• To turn out (phrasal verb): It turns out, I'm not very good at joggling!

• To give up (phrasal verb): If you give up easily, you won't be able to joggle because it takes years of practice. Patience is essential!

• Daredevil act: The reporter wanted to get some different angles of the daredevil act and see through Micheal's eyes using a GoPro.

• To jump out of the way: Their first reaction was to jump out of the way when viewing the footage of Micheal's joggling through the GoPro.

• To show off (phrasal verb): Sometimes, Micheal stops in the middle of a race to show off and give a performance.

• The crowd: The crowd was impressed by Micheal's joggling.

• To blow someone's mind: One of the other runners in the video said:"he's blowing my mind right now, he can run faster than me while he juggles" .

Are you impressed too?

Source: CTV News

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