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AI Music Can Now Win A Grammy

Artists creating music with AI can now win Grammy Awards.

jeudi 6 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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The Recording Academy, which organizes the Grammy Awards, has introduced changes to better represent the evolving music industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is now being used in various ways within the music industry. AI can help in writing lyrics, creating tracks, singing, and even recreating artists' voices. Some popular songs have been created with the help of AI, such as a song by the Beatles that used AI to extract John Lennon's voice and a track by David Guetta that was generated with Eminem's voice.

However, the CEO of the Recording Academy assures that only beats created by humans will be eligible for awards, as they want to prevent technology from replacing human creativity. This decision aims to reassure human artists. The use of AI in music production is seen as a significant development, comparable to the impact of streaming on the industry.


• Lyrics
The words of a song.

• Track
A recorded piece of music.

• Eligible
Meeting the necessary conditions or requirements.

• Bunch
A number of things of the same type.

• Beat
In music, a regular emphasis, or a place in the music where such an emphasis is expected.

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