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AI could enable one last Beatles song

The Beatles may have the opportunity to do one last song thanks to AI.

vendredi 30 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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AI may make it possible to recreate the voices of the early Beatles and make them sound younger. The speaker expresses both interest and concern about these efforts. They mention that people have told them about tracks where John sings one of their songs, but it's actually AI-generated.

The speaker finds it both scary and exciting because it represents the future.They share an example where AI was used to extract John's voice from a cassette tape during the making of the Let It Be album. The speaker states that they have just finished working on a demo with John's voice, utilizing AI to achieve a pure sound. They highlight the advantages and disadvantages of AI in music production and express curiosity about its future implications.


• Grave: A burial place for a dead person.

• Tackling: Dealing with or addressing a problem.

• Scary: Causing fear or apprehension.

• Exciting: Causing feelings of enthusiasm or eagerness.

• Extricate: To free or disentangle something from a difficult or complex situation.

• Implications: Consequences or effects that result from a particular action or decision.

Source: BeatlesBR

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