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'Abandoned': Thousands Locked Down In China Amid COVID Outbreaks

In China, people are living a nightmare beacuse of COVID outbreaks.

jeudi 3 nov., Il y a 14 mois
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Thousands of people in China are being forced into mass quarantine due to COVID outbreaks.

Shanghai Disneyland has closed its gates with visitors still inside after a single COVID case was revealed to be linked to the park.

Meanwhile, staff at the world's biggest iPhone factory in Beijing are locked in dormitories.

Footage revealed migrant workers at Foxconn – Apple's biggest supplier – attempting to flee a factory outbreak, with some journeying home by foot.


- outbreaks – a time when something suddenly begins, especially a disease or something else dangerous or unpleasant.
- supplier – a company, person, etc. that provides things that people want or need.
- to flee – to escape by running away, especially because of danger or fear.
- bracing – giving strength through adding support to a structure.
- weary – very tired, especially as a result of excessive exertion.

Source: Sky News Australia

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