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41 Skydivers Set British Record

A team of 41 skydivers came together to set a new record.

mercredi 19 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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A team of 41 skydivers in Britain set a new record for the largest sequential formation dive in British history. They achieved this by making two consecutive shapes on their second dive and three consecutive shapes on their third dive, all while falling at 120 miles per hour.

The event was organized by British Skydiving, and although the team is proud of their accomplishment, they would need to do more than double their efforts to break the world record. The current world record for the largest sequential freefall formation was set by a team of 117 women in Illinois in 2014. Despite not surpassing the world record, the British team can still celebrate their achievement.


• Sequential
Happening in a particular order or sequence.

• Plummeting
Falling or dropping quickly.

To jump head first.

• Shape
The particular physical form or appearance of something.

• Gather
To come together in a group.

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