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41 Indian Workers Trapped In A Tunnel Have Been Rescued

41 construction workers trapped in a collapsed Indian tunnel for 17 days due to a landslide were rescued by crews who provided necessities through pipes and used handheld drills to free them, ensuring the safe rescue of all individuals.

jeudi 30 nov., Il y a 2 semaines
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In India, 41 construction workers were rescued after being trapped for 17 days in a collapsed tunnel caused by a landslide. They were working on a 4.5km tunnel when it collapsed, leaving them stuck under 60 meters of debris. Rescue crews provided food, water, and oxygen through pipes before manually digging them out using handheld drills. Despite the challenges of falling debris and unstable terrain, all 41 individuals were successfully rescued.


• Construction: The process of building or creating something, usually a structure or infrastructure, like buildings, roads, bridges, etc.

• Collapsed: Refers to something that has fallen down, especially suddenly and completely. In this context, it indicates the tunnel's structure gave way and fell in.

• To lift: To raise something or someone to a higher position.

• Ordeal: A very difficult and painful experience.

• Rubble: Broken pieces of stone, brick, or other material from a destroyed building or structure.

• Safe and sound: someone unharmed or in good condition after a difficult situation or experience.

• Through: Moving into one side and out of the other side of something.

• Pipes: cylinders used to transport liquids or gases from one place to another.

• Aussie: Australian.

• Handheld: An object designed to be held and operated with one's hands.

• Drills: Mechanical tools with a rotating cutting or driving mechanism used for digging through rubble.

• To dig: removing earth, rubble, or other material using a shovel, a drill, or any digging tool.

• To break down: To stop working or functioning properly.

Source: Behind the news YouTube channel.

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