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2023 Black Friday

The video talks about Black Friday, a big worldwide shopping day after Thanksgiving, where people get good discounts.

lundi 27 nov., Il y a 3 semaines
 5 min

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The video introduces Black Friday, a shopping event originating from the U.S. and occurring the day after Thanksgiving, signifying the start of the Christmas shopping season. Michelle explains how this tradition, marked by significant discounts, has spread globally, including to Australia, mainly due to increased internet connectivity and the expansion of American brands. Despite economic difficulties, Australians are projected to spend a record $6.3 billion during this period. However, they should be careful about online scams, knockoffs and fake promotions.


• To nab: To catch or grab something quickly.

• Bargain(noun): A good deal or a product sold at a lower price than usual.

• Excited: Feeling happy or full of energy.

• Through (the internet): in this case, via the internet.

• Brand: A type of product made by a particular company.

• Aussie: Australian.

• Struggling: Facing difficulties.

• Knockoffs: Copies or imitations of products with a lower quality than the original.

• Goods: items.

Source: Behind the news YouTube channel.

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