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Types of motivation

There are two main types of motivation: extrinsic and intrinsic.

dimanche 28 août Il y a 5 mois
Types of motivation
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It is thought that we are all naturally motivated to be curious and to do things that benefit our own personal goals.

This motivation has helped humans survive throughout history.

After all, someone that is motivated to look for food is much more likely to find it than someone that isn’t.

While we often purposefully make decisions to do things, they are also made deep inside our brains without us even being fully aware.

Our brains take in lots of information and then decide whether or not a task is worth doing.

If it is, our brains give us motivation to do it. If not, we lack motivation to do it.

Some of this process is controlled by certain areas of our brains, and some of it by specific chemicals in our brains.

Our biology has a large effect on how our brains work, but so do our experiences and decisions.

Understanding how you are motivated will allow you to start optimizing and directing your natural motivation.

Source: GCF Global

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