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Talk about your daily routine

Let's talk about daily routine

mercredi 13 oct. Il y a 16 mois
Talk about your daily routine
5 min

We use the present simple to talk about daily routines. The present simple is used to describe actions that happen regularly.
Here are some examples of sentences that you can use to talk about your daily routines.

• I wake up at ...
• I have breakfast
• Then I take a shower and brush my teeth
• I get dressed
• I go to work at ...
• We have lunch at ...
• I work from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
• After work, I like to chat with friends
• After work, I like to go to the pool
• We have dinner at 7:00 pm
• After dinner, we usually watch TV together

Tout ça et bien plus,
5 minutes par jour !

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