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Sports vs Esports

Is Esports a sport?

mardi 10 janv. Il y a 2 semaines
Sports vs Esports
5 min

It’s an old debate – are esports really sports? Many say no, since there is no running, or fighting, or other strenuous physical activity. Others point to the accepted ‘sport’ of chess, and point out that much of what we love about sports can also be found in esports.

What’s that you ask? Well, teamwork, strategy, skill and of course competition – everything we also love about, say football. There are more parallels in the esports vs sports debate – teams, drafts, betting, and more. The esports industry is quite clear on this point: esports is a sport.


To try to take the ball from a player in the other team by taking hold of the player and making them fall.

If an activity, situation, etc. involves something, that thing is a part of the activity, etc..

The ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists.

An object shot at during shooting practice, often a circle with a pattern of rings.

A part of a gun that causes the gun to fire when pressed.

A particular way in which something is done, is organized, or happens.

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