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In the past | The past simple - To be

Past simple – verb 'to be'

lundi 10 janv. Il y a 13 mois
In the past | The past simple - To be
5 min

• We use the past simple of the verb to be to talk about situations and states in the past.

- I was at home yesterday.
- He was with his sister last Saturday.
- They were happy yesterday.

• We use 'was' for I, he, she and it (singular).
• We use 'were' for you, we and they (plural).

- I was tired this morning.
- You were at home yesterday.
- It was sunny last week.
- They were in France last weekend.

• For negatives forms, we use 'not'. We can contract not and the verb, especially when we're speaking: 'wasn't/weren't'

- I was not late for work this morning.
= I wasn't late for work this morning.
- He was not at home yesterday.
= He wasn't at home yesterday.
- We were not happy yesterday.
= We weren't happy yesterday.

• For questions forms, we change the order of 'was' or 'were' and the person = Was/Were + subject + ?

- Were you tired this morning? Yes, I was.
- Was he at the home last week? No, he wasn't.
- Where was he yesterday?

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