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Directions (Short Comedy Sketch)

This video focus on asking for and giving directions.

samedi 11 juin Il y a 8 mois
Directions (Short Comedy Sketch)
5 min

Key Grammar Points to Remember
Use the imperative form when providing directions = the verb without any subject. It tells someone directly what to do. Here are some examples:
• Take the blue line.
• Continue going straight.
• Change to the grayline.

Key Vocabulary Words and Phrases
• Take a right/left
• Go straight
• Opposite
• Next to
• Take the first / second / third / right or left
• Go right / left / straight at the light / corner / stop sign / roundabout
• Continue straight on
• Turn right / left at the light / corner / stop sign
• Get on the bus / subway at 14th Ave. / Brickley Street / Leahusrt Road
• Follow the signs for the museum / hospital / exit

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