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Building a cocoon

Watch the first bizarre steps in this caterpillar's rebirth.

mercredi 31 août Il y a 5 mois
Building a cocoon
5 min

From bug to butterfly, watch the transformation in a timelapse showing the beginning of one of nature's most incredible metamorphoses.


Farmland (noun)
Land which is suitable for farming and agricultural production.

Countryside (noun)
A rural area, or the rural part of a larger area, as in the Swedish countryside.

Caterpillar (noun)
The larva of a butterfly or moth.

Pad (noun)
A flattened mass of anything soft, to sit or lie on.

Anchor (verb)
To hold an object, especially a ship or a boat to a fixed point.

Silken (adjective)
Made of silk.
Having a smooth, soft, or light texture, like that of silk.

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