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A Nation Of Vending Machines

Why does Japan have so many vending machines?

lundi 6 mars Il y a 2 semaines
A Nation Of Vending Machines
5 min

Japan has a high density of vending machines due to a combination of factors, including a culture of convenience, strict waste management regulations, and advanced technology. Vending machines offer a wide variety of goods, from drinks and snacks to electronics and even umbrellas, and are available 24/7. They also provide employment opportunities and contribute to Japan's economy.


• Fiasco: a complete failure or disaster.

• Keenly: in a way that shows a strong interest or eagerness.

• Looming: appearing as a large or threatening shape or image.

• Scarcity: a situation where there is not enough of something.

• Slip: to put something or someone into a particular place quietly, quickly, or stealthily.

• Weighted scale: a device used to measure weight or mass.

• Coinage: the coins in circulation in a country.

Source: Vox

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