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Will you have a perfect score on this Disney song quiz?

Can you Identify these Disney princesses from the first line of their Iconic song?

jeudi 6 mai, Il y a 34 mois
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What are the best Disney Princess songs?
In this countdown we rank the songs sung by these lovable animated characters including ‘I wonder’ in Sleeping Beauty, ‘Belle’ in Beauty and the Beast, ‘Let it Go’ in Frozen, ‘Reflection’ in Mulan, ‘Part of Your World’ in the Little Mermaid and ‘a Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ by Cinderella.Now, can you tell which Disney princess sang these songs based on just the first line? Of course you can! Should be easy, right?

You know the choruses, but do you know how they start?

This quiz includes Disney princesses and princess-adjacent leading ladies from Disney movies.

Good luck!

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