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Will AI replace actors?

How could AI affect actors?

lundi 30 oct., Il y a 1 mois
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Hollywood actors and writers are on strike, demanding better pay, working conditions, and protection against AI replacing their roles. The strike has halted numerous movies and TV shows.

Background actors, often overlooked, play a crucial role in making scenes realistic. The Producer's Alliance (AMPTP) has proposed taking digital scans of real actors to create AI versions of them, which raises concerns among background actors. They reject the offer to scan their bodies for a low payment and fear losing control of their likeness. The AMPTP claims AI replicas will only be used in initially signed productions, but this doesn't satisfy actors like Esther, who value the respect of their physical presence.

Background actors contribute to the realism of scenes, and their connection with principal actors is essential. While AI is already used for crowd scenes, the strike highlights the need to recognize the importance of artists in filmmaking.

Negotiations between the Actors Guild and AMPTP continue as everyone in the industry wishes to return to work.


• Residuals: Payments, often royalties, made to artists for future use of their work.

• Greenscreen: A green background used for filming against which digital effects are later added.

• Existential: Relating to the nature of human existence and choices.

• Headliners: Main stars or featured performers of a show or movie.

Source: Behind the news

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