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Why Is Australia Part Of Eurovision?

The world's biggest song contest, Eurovision, is back! Australia's representative this year is Voyager.

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The Eurovision Song Contest is an iconic event known for its extravagant costumes and performances. Established in the 1950s, Eurovision has launched famous acts like Abba. Each European country selects one representative act, and the winner is chosen by the audience through voting.

Surprisingly, Australia has been participating since 2015 due to their long-standing admiration for the contest. This year, Australia's representative is Voyager, a synth metal band from Western Australia. They will perform their song "Promise" on Friday.

After years of trying, Voyager finally secured their place in the competition, becoming the first Australian band to compete. They are thrilled to bring their energy and love for entertaining to the grand stage of Eurovision, which they consider "The Greatest Show on Earth."


• Act
A person or group which gives a performance.

• Puffy
Swollen to a size slightly larger than usual.

• Sleeve
The part of a piece of clothing that covers some or all of the arm.

• Sequin
A small, shiny metal or plastic disc sewn onto clothes for decoration.

• To Beg
To make a very strong and urgent request.

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