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Why Flips Phones Are Making a Comeback

Young people are turning to flip phones as a way of communicating with friends rather than the modern smart phone.

lundi 12 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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The video discusses the resurgence of old phones, particularly flip phones, as people seek simpler times and reduce their reliance on smartphones. Excessive screen time and social media use have been linked to a decline in mental health, especially among teenagers. Research shows that spending more than three hours a day on social media doubles the risk of experiencing depression and anxiety symptoms.

As a result, some mobile phone companies are witnessing increased sales of their basic models in the United States. Young people, in particular, are choosing to self-censor and avoid the negative mental health and social harm associated with an always-connected lifestyle.


• Flip Phone
A mobile phone that has a hinged cover that can be flipped open or closed.

• OG
Abbreviation for "original gangster," used here to refer to the original or early models of cellphones.

• Rise
An increase or upward movement.

• Harm
Negative effects or damage.

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