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Why Elon Musk and Other Tech Leaders Take Psychedelics

Silicon Valley Embraces Psychedelics: The Rising Trend of Mind-Altering Innovation

mardi 11 juil., Il y a 5 mois
 5 min

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The video discusses the mainstreaming of drug use, particularly psychedelics, in Silicon Valley. It highlights how drug use has become embedded in corporate culture, with executives openly discussing and even advocating for their psychedelic experiences.

Reasons for using psychedelics range from coping with depression and anxiety to seeking a creative and competitive edge in the business world. The video attributes the increased interest in psychedelics to factors such as the influence of a popular book and Netflix series on the topic, as well as ongoing research into their potential benefits.

While some companies accept and even embrace drug use, others have strict policies that can lead to termination for employees who violate them. Overall, the video portrays the normalization and integration of psychedelics into the tech industry's culture in Silicon Valley.

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