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Why Are Orcas Sinking Boats?

Why are killer whales attacking and sinking boats?

lundi 12 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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There have been reports about unusual behavior of killer whales (orcas) attacking and even sinking boats off the coast of Spain. Researchers are puzzled by these incidents and speculate that they might be coordinated attacks.

Jeff Corwin, a biologist, explains that such behavior is extraordinary and showcases the intelligence and complexity of orcas. He suggests that the attacks could be a learned behavior passed down within a residential pod (an extended family group of orcas). The motive behind the attacks remains unclear, but it could be either playful behavior or a defensive response to a traumatic event experienced by a female orca.

The video also highlights the critical situation of the North Atlantic white whale population, with only about 340 surviving individuals. Factors such as entanglement in fishing lines, ship collisions, and climate change are driving the species to the brink of extinction.


• Rambunctious: Energetic, wild, or disorderly.

• Devastating: Highly destructive or damaging.

• Extinction: The state of complete disappearance or annihilation.

• Entangled: Caught or trapped in a complicated or problematic situation.

Source: NBC News

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