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Why are clothing sizes so erratic and can they be fixed?

Tech firms are using artificial intelligence to work out sizing

jeudi 6 mai, Il y a 34 mois
 5 min

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Sorcha O'Donoghue has long been annoyed by the disparity in sizing between clothes bought in different stores.
"Once I went shopping and got a pair of jeans that were size 8 on the label. Then I went to another shop and I was back to size 12," she says.

Thanks to the coronavirus, the 36-year-old human resources adviser who lives in Norwich, is doing more online shopping and the inconsistencies have become even more glaring.
"I've ordered clothes that I've had to send back several times because they were either too baggy around the chest area or too tight around some other area, though they were the same size," she says.

Earlier this year a friend advised her to try meepl, a Swiss company which has technology designed to avoid those hassles.

Ms O'Donoghue downloaded the app and stood in front of her smartphone wearing tight leggings. The app did a full scan of her body from all sides and created a three-dimensional rendering of it.
With that information, it calculated her size and can give her recommendations on what size to choose at shops including Topshop and Zara.

"I've used it about four times since and find it really, really easy. All I have to do is go into my handbag, pull out my phone, click on the app, and I've got all my information stored," Ms O'Donoghue says.

Meepl creates a 3D body profile and matches the consumer's personal body measurements with off-the-rack garment data. At online shops that use its service, the customer's avatar can be uploaded into a virtual dressing room to try on items.

Experts say if this kind of app becomes widespread, then it could affect the way clothes retailers do business.

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