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Who Will Be Crowned Alaska's Fattest Bear ?

Now it's time for everyone's favourite Alaskan competition and it's all to do with fat bears.

mardi 10 oct., Il y a 2 mois
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This week is the aptly named "Fat Bear Week". It's an annual tournament that happens every winter where the public gets to vote on their favourite fat bear in the national park. You see, for months these big brown bears have been scoffing down as much fresh salmon as they can get their hands on or, well, paws on to try to get as bulky as they can before winter when they go into hibernation. When they're hibernating, the bears stay in their dens and they don't eat or drink for up to 7 months. So they need enough fat on their bodies to last them until they re-emerge in Spring. Next week, the chonkiest of the chonky will be crowned with 12 brown bears battling it out for glory, including Brooks River dominator Chunk , a fan-favourite and four-time champion Otis and last year's reigning champ who's one of the largest bears on earth 747, AKA Bear Force 1.

Vocabulary :
• Aptly : In a suitable or appropriate manner.
• Tournament : A competition or contest.
• Scoffing : Eating something greedily or with contempt
• Bulky : Having a large, heavy, or substantial body.
• Hibernation : A period of inactivity and lowered body temperature in animals.
• Dens : Places where animals live and seek shelter.
• Chonkiest : Superlative form of "chunky," meaning the most overweight or chubby.
• Reigning champ : The current champion or winner.
• Fan favourite : A contestant or participant favored by fans or supporters.

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