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Which US President Was Arrested Before Trump?

Surprisingly, Trump isn't the first US head of state to be arrested.

lundi 17 avril, Il y a 8 mois
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Ulysses S. Grant was the only other US President to have been arrested before Donald Trump. In 1852, he was fined $20 for riding his horse too fast down a street in St. Louis, Missouri. This incident is a humorous footnote in his presidency and an example of his love for horse riding.


• Perp - Slang for perpetrator, referring to a person who has committed a crime.

• Slavery - The practice of owning human beings as property and forcing them to work without pay.

• Speeding - The act of driving a vehicle faster than the posted speed limit or in a reckless manner.

• Warning - A statement or action indicating that something bad may happen if a certain behavior is continued.

• Apologized - To express regret or sorrow for a mistake or wrongdoing.

• Patrolling - Search or observe an area, often in a slow and deliberate manner.

• Escorted - To accompany or guide someone, often for protection or assistance.

• Allegedly - According to what is said or claimed, but not yet proven to be true.

• Public duty - A responsibility or obligation to act in the best interest of the community or society as a whole.

Source: BBC

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