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When Meetings are No Longer Virtual

After 2 years of Covid, meetings are back in the office. But not everyone is ready for this...

samedi 11 juin, Il y a 19 mois
 5 min

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The language of online meetings

Starting an online meeting
• Welcome, everyone. Today's meeting is about ...
• Welcome, everyone. The purpose of today's meeting is ...
• Welcome, everyone. Thank you all for attending at such short notice

Technical issues
• We can’t hear you, are you on mute?
• I’m sharing my screen, can everyone see it?
• The screen is blank
• The screen is frozen / You're frozen
• You’re cutting out. Could you say that again?
• Hope you don’t mind me recording our session?
• There’s a bit of background noise. I’ll just mute all of you.
• Please unmute yourself if you want to say something
• I think there is a lag. His audio doesn’t match his video
• No, I can’t see it yet. It’s still loading.
• The sound quality isn’t clear, please can you speak up?

Summarising and closing
• That’s it for today. I’ll send you an invite to our next meeting tomorrow.
• I think we can leave this here for today
• We can pick this up again tomorrow
• Her video has just frozen. It looks like we’ve lost her

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