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What Is Project Management?

Find out the pivotal role of project management.

mardi 12 sept., Il y a 3 mois
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The video emphasizes the importance of project management in ensuring the success of various projects. It highlights that project management involves setting clear goals, defining strategies, and maintaining effective communication. Successful projects are the result of meticulous planning and a motivated team led by a project manager. Project management is vital for achieving desired results and preventing problems.


To ensure: To make certain or guarantee.

To involve: To include or require as a necessary part.

Aim: A specific goal or objective that one intends to achieve.

To draw closer: To approach or come nearer in distance or time.

Seamlessly: Smoothly and without interruption or visible transition.

Unsung hero: A person who deserves recognition but is not widely celebrated.

Staff: it refers to the group of individuals employed or appointed to work for an organization, business, or institution.

To achieve: To successfully reach or accomplish a goal or objective.

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