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What is ''nudging'' : the future of advertising?

This video deals with the concept of ''nudging'' as a subtle marketing technique used by companies to influence consumer behavior through imperceptible changes, raising ethical concerns about the boundary between marketing and manipulation.

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The video discusses the concept of "nudging," a subtle marketing method used by companies to influence consumer behavior. Instead of traditional advertising, companies employ small, imperceptible changes to guide consumers towards specific choices. For example, a store might use reflective coatings to make customers see themselves leading them to purchase teeth-whitening products. These subtle nudges can take various forms, such as store layouts or lighting. The video raises ethical questions about the fine line between marketing and manipulation, highlighting the importance of transparency in influencing consumer choices. It also suggests that as our understanding of the human brain advances, companies may gain the ability to predict and shape consumer decisions to an unprecedented degree. The video emphasizes the need for regulation to determine what types of nudges are ethical and whether they promote positive or harmful choices.


• Sign (noun): a notice giving information, directions, a warning.

• Aisle : the long narrow space between the rows of shelves in a store.

• Shelves (plural of shelf): a long, flat board fixed horizontally so that objects can be stored on it.

• Cart : a shopping cart is used to put your purchases in while you are in shopping in a store.

• Grocery store : a shop that sells food and small things that are needed in the home.

• Profitable : making a profit out of something.

• Warehouse : a large building for storing things before they are sold.

• Membership : a subscription.

• Gym : a place or club where you can go to exercise using machines, weights, and other equipment.

• Blueprint : a plan.

• Purchase (noun): anything you buy.

• Corporate statement : a formal and typically written declaration or announcement made by a company or organization with a bland and controled content.

• Lack : the absence or insufficiency of something that is needed or desired.

• Coating : a layer of a particular substance that covers a surface.

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