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What is déjà vu?

Have you ever had the feeling of having experienced a situation before?

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Although scientists struggle to define it, take a look at 3 theories which explore the possible causes for déjà vu.


Neuroimaging - "The neuroimaging results showed abnormal activity in the patient's brain.”

Cognitive - "The cognitive assessment revealed deficits in memory and attention.

Peripheral - "I caught a glimpse of the peripheral details of the painting while focusing on the center.”

Flurry - "The store was in a flurry of activity as shoppers rushed in for the sale.”

Recollection - "She struggled to recall the events of the previous night, despite her best recollection efforts.”

Conclusive - "The conclusive evidence proved the defendant's innocence.”

Phenomenon - "The northern lights are a natural phenomenon that can be seen in the night sky.”

Asserts - "The attorney asserts that the witness' testimony is unreliable.”

Summons - "The judge summoned the jury to deliberate on the case.”

Fleeting - "The fleeting moment of happiness was gone as quickly as it had come.”

Source: TedEd

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