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What if You Experienced Every Human Life in History?

Experiencing the Eternal Cycle: Living 4 Trillion Years.

mercredi 1 mars, Il y a 10 mois
 7 min

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The video presents a thought experiment in which the viewer's life began 300,000 years ago as one of the first humans in Africa, and after dying, they are reincarnated as every single human that has ever lived, stringing together a total of almost 4 trillion years.

Our collective existence may consist mostly of ordinary lives, but each lifetime has a profound impact on future selves.

• Roughly - "I estimated roughly how long it would take to complete the project.”

• Crude - "The crude oil spill contaminated the ocean.”

• Perish - "If we don't refrigerate this meat, it will perish.”

• Strung - "The lights were strung up along the roof of the house.”

• Recall - "The car manufacturer issued a recall for faulty brakes.”

• Lifetimes - "Over the course of our lifetimes, we will experience many different things.”

• Selves - "It's important to take care of our physical and mental selves.”

• Hunter-gatherer - "Hunter-gatherer societies relied on hunting and gathering for their survival.”

• Impart - "The teacher tried to impart knowledge to her students.”

• Shatter - "The vase fell off the shelf and shattered into a million pieces.”

• Afflicted - "He was afflicted with a rare disease.”

• Smallpox - "Smallpox was once a deadly disease, but it has been eradicated through vaccination.”

• Lifespan - "The average lifespan of a human is about 80 years.”

• Deadliest - "The Spanish flu was one of the deadliest pandemics in history.”

• Cures - "Scientists are constantly working to find cures for diseases.”

• Leaks - "The roof had several leaks during the rainstorm.”

• Frighteningly - "The storm was frighteningly intense and caused a lot of damage.”

• Undo - "I wish I could undo my mistakes and start over.”

• Limitless - "The possibilities for the future are limitless.”

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