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Walk your dog around the world

Meet Tom, the man who decided to walk around the world with his dog, Savannah.

jeudi 11 ao�t, Il y a 17 mois
 7 min

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Tom and Savannah have walked 18 000 miles over the past five years (that's almost 30 000km).
They've been through so much together and visited over 35 countries.
They still have 2 years and about 7000 miles of walking left to do.

Let's look at some vocabulary from the video:

Off the beaten track
Tom wanted to be off the beaten track and have an adventure.

When his close friend died at the age of 17, Tom realised how fleeting life was.

Tom wanted to experience humanity in the deepest, most immersive way possible.

To sneeze
In Chile, Savannah sneezed blood and almost died from a tick bite.

To recover
Luckily, some locals helped them get to a vet and Savannah recovered.

Italy provided everything in abundance: food, culture, landscape...

When Tom started his journey, he thought he know a lot about the world and about himself, but he "didn't know how much he didn't know".

His journey has taught him that "all anyone really wants to do is make a little money and spend time with their family, that's universal".

Source: Great Big Story

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