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Vietnam Bans Barbie Movie

The new Barbie movie has been banned in Vietnam.

mardi 4 juil., Il y a 6 mois
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The movie "Barbie" has been banned from screening in Vietnam due to a scene depicting the South China Sea. Vietnamese officials objected to the portrayal of a U-shaped line across the sea, which is claimed by China but disputed by Vietnam and neighboring countries. The South China Sea is a region of strategic importance as it contains valuable resources, fishing areas, and shipping lanes.

The conflict over the South China Sea has a long history, with China asserting ownership since 1947 and disregarding the United Nations convention on the law of the sea. The banning of "Barbie" adds to the list of movies banned in Vietnam for similar reasons.

Warner Brothers, the film's producer, has not commented on the situation. The banning of the movie reflects the ongoing tensions and disputes surrounding the South China Sea.


• Hyped - generating excitement or publicity.

• Offending - causing displeasure or anger.

• Boundaries - limits or borders that define the extent of something.

• Banned - officially prohibited or forbidden.

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