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Urbanisation and the rise of the megacity

Urbanization is often linked with economics. Better job opportunities, a centralized market, better pay and higher individual wealth have all drawn people into cities. And for a long time, these pull factors are what caused cities to grow.

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Urbanization is happening faster today than at any time in history. By 2030 nearly 9% of the global population will live in so-called megacities—cities with more than 10m inhabitants.

In 1950 New York and Tokyo were the only so-called megacities; cities with more than 10m inhabitants.

By 1980 these were joined by Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Osaka. In 2010 there were over 20 megacities spanning almost every continent. Today, there are 32 megacities.

Asia accounts for over half of today's megacities. By 2030 nearly 9% of the world's population will live in 41 megacities. But it's in Africa where some of the most rapid urbanization will take place in the future.

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