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Understanding Airport Security Procedures

Watch this video about clearing airport security.

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Airport security is important to keep travellers safe. Before boarding a flight, passengers must go through security checks which include x-ray machines, metal detectors, and body scans. It is important to follow the rules to ensure a smooth and safe travel experience.


• Security checking area - the designated area where security checks are conducted at an airport.

• Prohibited items - items that are not allowed to be carried onto an aircraft due to safety reasons.

• Queue - a line of people waiting for something.

• Crowded - a place that has too many people in it.

• Metallic - made of metal.

• Tray - a flat, shallow container used for holding and carrying things.

• X-rays - a type of electromagnetic radiation used in security scanners to see through objects.

• Metal detector - a device that detects the presence of metallic objects.

• Arch - a structure with a curved top that is used to pass through.

• Swab - a small piece of absorbent material used for cleaning or applying a substance.

• Conveyor - a machine that transports goods or materials.

Source: Birmingham airport

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