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Tuvalu is Sinking!

Australia and Tuvalu have signed an agreement addressing climate change impacts on Tuvalu.

lundi 13 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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Australia and Tuvalu have signed an agreement to address the impacts of climate change on the Pacific island nation. Tuvalu is experiencing firsthand the rising sea levels that threaten homes and crops, making it potentially uninhabitable. This agreement is the most significant between Australia and a Pacific island nation. It allows for the resettlement of up to 280 people from Tuvalu every year. Under a new visa system, they can live, work, and study in Australia if their homes become unlivable because of climate change. While some view this as a positive step, others argue for more significant efforts to stop using fossil fuels to prevent climate-induced displacement.


• Firsthand: means experiencing something directly or personally.

• Rising: increasing.

• To address (verb): to talk about.

• Partnership: refers to a relationship between individuals, groups, or countries working together for a common goal.

• Beacon: it is a signaling or guiding device. In a metaphorical sense, it can represent a source of inspiration or hope.

• To phase out (verb): to gradually remove or stop using something.

• To remain (verb): to stay in the same place.

Source: Behind The News YouTube channel.

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