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This London bookstore lets you try before you buy

The video introduces Books For Cooks, a unique bookstore in London.

lundi 9 oct., Il y a 2 mois
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Eric Treuille, the owner, runs a shop full of cookbooks and tries the recipes from these books in a small kitchen in the store. He and his team serve a three-course lunch to around forty customers four days a week, following recipes from different cookbooks each day.

There are specific rules: no alterations or substitutions, no soft drinks or special diets, and customers must share tables. Eric believes in offering a fair price for the meals, not wanting to turn the kitchen into a business. He values the personal connection with customers and aims to create an unforgettable experience.


• Recipe: A set of instructions for preparing a dish.

• Dish: A particular type of food prepared in a specific way.

• Nutmeg: A spice used in cooking.

• Fridge: A device for keeping food cold.

• Stove: A cooking appliance that provides heat.

• Dishwasher: A machine for washing dishes.

• Seasonal: Related to a particular season of the year.

• Fair price: A reasonable and just cost for something.

Source: Great Big Story

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