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The Smallest Sculptures in the World

The artist Willard Wigan has been making sculptures for six decades, and yet his entire body of work could fit in the palm of your hand.

jeudi 11 mai, Il y a 8 mois
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Willard Wigan, a sculptor, creates incredibly tiny sculptures that can fit in the eye of a needle. He has made miniature versions of famous landmarks and people, using unconventional tools like diamond shards and eyelashes. Working at a microscopic level, he carefully crafts each piece between his heartbeats.

Despite challenges, Wigan has set two world records for the smallest sculptures made without machinery or nanotechnology. However, not all his creations go according to plan, as he once accidentally inhaled a sculpture of Alice in Wonderland.


• Ant's Nest
A structure built by ants to leave their eggs in to develop.

• Splinter
A small, sharp, broken piece of wood, glass, plastic, or similar material.

• Pulse
The regular beating of the heart.

• To Bend
To curve.

• Jackhammer
A powerful tool, held in the hands and operated by air pressure, that is used for breaking hard surfaces such as rock and roads.

• Cocktail Stick
A small, pointed wooden or plastic stick on which small pieces of food are served to guests at parties.

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