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The New Barbie and Ken Movie!

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie are the new Ken and Barbie in the upcoming movie!Source: The Guardian

mercredi 29 juin, Il y a 19 mois
 5 min

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Ryan Gosling as Ken in the new Barbie film is a masterstroke of casting. And Margot Robbie in the lead role is just as perfect.

We live in difficult times. The internet has reduced us all to people who sit in angry opposition to one another. At our worst, it feels like humanity might not ever be able to agree upon anything ever again. But this week, a miracle happened. Two photographs were published to the internet; two photographs that instantly united the whole world into one universally agreed-upon opinion. And that opinion is this: The Barbie movie looks quite good.

Although that was already the consensus, the photos of the two leads put it beyond all doubt. Margot Robbie, who plays Barbie, is instantly as Barbie-esque as you could imagine, all blond hair and smiles and bright pink car. The casting is perfect. And then there’s Ryan Gosling.
Gosling will play Ken in the movie and, again, it’s a role he was born to play. His hair is bleached peroxide blond. His abs and arms are on display. He has an impenetrable facial expression. Throw in his outfit, which is entirely made up of denim, and there is a very strong chance that this will be his defining role.

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