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The Maiden: A 500-year-old Inca girl comes to life

In 1999, the remarkably life like mummy of an Inca girl was discovered in the Andes mountains.

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The mummy who is affectionately referred to as la Doncella or the Maiden, is that of a teenager who died more than 500 years ago in a ritual sacrifice in the Andes. She is one of the three children who were left to die of hypothermia in the mountains as an offering to the Gods.

The Maiden is so well preserved that people around her feel the need to whisper for fear of waking her up.

She is an invaluable link to the lost world of the Incas.

Vocabulary recap:

snow-capped -(about a mountain) covered with snow at the top

underway - having started and in progress

Holy smokes - An expression of excitement or surprise

outstanding - exceptional

wrapping - covering

hushed voices - whispers

unravel - to resolve or untangle

brand new - completely new

remnants - vestiges

cloaked - hidden or covered from view

wiped out - destroyed

glimpse - a brief or partial view

watchful - alert and careful

slumped - lean or fall

Source: Smithsonian

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