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The healing power of purring

Cats! They're cute, loveable and entertaining - but did you know that they also have healing powers?

jeudi 7 juil., Il y a 18 mois
 6 min

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Studies indicate that interacting with cats can significantly reduce stress and anxiety in humans.
Especially when they exhibit purring and kneading behaviour.
The vibrations of purring can in fact reduce the risk of heart attacks.
These positive effects can be more noticeable if the cat is with us from a young age.

A study in the scientific journal - Pediatrics - indicates that children who live with cats have a lower predisposition for general illness.
Why is this so? Research suggests that cats - by stimulating the immune system - help to develop a child's immune responses to better protect against viruses and bacteria.

Sleeping with cats not only reinforces the bond we have between felines and humans, it has other benefits :
They can help us relax, stay warm in winter and provide emotional security, especially for kids!

We've already pointed out that purring helps us sleep but did you know its overall positive effects on the body?

One study compared purring with a type of physiotherapy - biomedical stimulation- which helps to relax tense muscle structures, increases the stretching capacity of the tendons and even helps patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency.

A survey found that 82% of women find men with pets more attractive.
Also, that 90% agreed that those with cats were believed to be friendlier, more affectionate and patient than other men!

Source: AnimalWised

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