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The Haitian Protesting Foreign Aid

Why is this Haitian artist protesting foreign aid?

lundi 13 mars, Il y a 10 mois
 5 min

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A renowned graffiti artist named Jerry discusses foreign aid in Haiti and its impact on the country's long-term development. While NGOs are doing important work, they often hinder the development of broader institutions. The demand for translators and drivers pays well, but may not contribute to the society's growth.


• Renowned: well-known and respected

• Devastation: great destruction or damage

• Mobilized: organized and moved into action

• Non-governmental organizations (NGOs): private organizations that operate independently from government and aim to promote social, environmental, or humanitarian causes

• Fraction: a small part or proportion of something

• Bubble: a situation in which the value or success of something is based on unrealistic or unsustainable factors

• Fixers: people who act as intermediaries or facilitators, especially in a political or business context

• Burgeoning: growing or expanding rapidly

• Band-aid: a temporary solution to a problem that does not address the root cause

Source: Vox Borders

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