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The function and fashion of eye glasses

Explore the story of eye glasses through this activity.

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This video explores the history and significance of eyeglasses. It highlights that glasses are not just a fashion statement but essential medical devices that help people see. The earliest forms of eye gear were eye shields made of bone and animal hides, followed by reading stones. The invention of eyeglasses is attributed to the Italians, and early versions were called rivet spectacles.

Over time, eyeglasses evolved to their modern design, featuring rims, corrective lenses, bridges, sides, hinges, and temple tips. The text also mentions how eyeglasses gained popularity in the 20th century cinema, with different styles representing various personalities and traits.

Glasses have become a fashion device, with some people wearing them as accessories without prescription lenses. However, glasses remain a lifeline for those who rely on them for daily activities like driving, cooking, and reading. It would be wonderful if other devices invented to help humanity could also be elevated in the same way as eyeglasses.


• Device: A tool or piece of equipment.

• Cornea: The transparent layer forming the front of the eye.

• Retina: The light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye.

• Magnifying: Enlarging or making something appear larger.

• Rim: The outer edge or border of something.

• Bridge: A part that connects two sides or elements.

• Hinge: A movable joint on which a door, gate, or lid swings.

• Trait: A distinguishing quality or characteristic.

• Prescription: A written order for medication or treatment.

Source: Ted Ed

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