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The First Person to Reach the North Pole

Reaching the North Pole is no small feat.

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While many believe the first person to accomplish this daunting task was either Robert Peary or Frederick Cook, the title might actually belong to an African American explorer named Matthew Henson.


• Grew up
“His cousin grew up in Tokyo. His Japanese is fluent”

• Believe
“I'm amazed that some adults still believe in Santa.”

• Crew
“The Ship's crew celebrated when they saw land.”

• Met
“He met Perry in Washington.”

• Hired
“He was hired as a valet.”

• Invaluable
“Marie Curie's medical research was invaluable.”

• Dog-sled
“They rode the dog-sled into the Arctic Tundra.”

• Craftsman
“The craftsman was able to repair the ship.”

• Fluent
“He even became fluent in Inuit.”

• Achievements
“Their achievements were acknowledged many years later.”

• Overlooked
“Most talented artists are overlooked.”

Source: National Geographic

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