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The Death Of Email?

With employers working to provide a stronger culture for remote and hybrid teams, business needs are changing.

mercredi 21 d�c., Il y a 13 mois
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Email celebrated its 50th birthday in 2021, surviving despite twenty years of predictions of its imminent death from tech gurus. Yet email is alive and kicking - email remains the core of electronic communications; not shiny and new but old and reliable. It is also a friendly option for technophobes.

Still, in a changing world, email is no longer the lifeblood of communication in many workplaces. It's been overrun with spam, advertising and social media alerts, making it tougher than ever to get down to business. Though companies aren't getting rid of email altogether, it has become a low priority option due to its inefficiency. Gen Z is also entering the workplace and as the first generation to grow up with multiple choices for online communication, they tend to not place email at the top of their list.

All the same, email is showing no signs of being on its deathbed and unlikely to disappear completely as the number of global users is estimated to quadruple in the next decade. However, as business needs change, integrating email with newer tools, from text messaging to collaboration platforms, allows companies to give workers options while solving some of the challenges that email presents.

Source: Slack

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