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The croissant-taco hybrid

Vive la Tarte, a San Fransisco bakery, makes a croissant-taco hybrid.The bakery uses traiditional baking techniques and innovation to make creative pastries.Looks delicious!

lundi 1 ao�t, Il y a 18 mois
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Vive la Tarte is a San Fransisco bakery rooted in Belgian tradition which has branched out to a trendier style of baked goods.

From traditional croissants to taco-croissants, Vive la tarte is about melding classic techniques into unique creations.

They offer a large variety of original baked goods served with tea, coffee or juice.

The founder of Vive la Tarte, Arnaud Goethals, comes from Belgium.

The delicious baked good is created using traditional baking techniques to make the croissant and then stuffed with classic taco fillings.

The tasty snack is a fusions of two cultures: Mexican and Beligian.

It can also be assembled as a vegan or vegetarian treat!

Vive la Tarte showcase what they do on social media to develop their small business.

The owner believes that hospitality is a very important part of the customer experience.

Source: Insider

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