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The Best Festivals in January Around The World

There are loads of festivals in January to enjoy. Think ‘festivals’ and you might just think summer, but… you’re wrong!

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Here are some of the best January celebrations to add to your year’s festival calendar!

1) Falls Festival, Australia
The Falls Festival is one of the few music festivals in January around the world. From 29th December to 8th January, the music fest knows how to put together a line-up and does a good job of blending international acts!

2) Harbin ice festival, China
If you’re a fan of Frozen, put this Chinese January festival on your list. Each year around Christmas Day right through to February 28th, hundreds flock to the town of Harbin in Heilongjiang province. It’s here that people showcase their sculpting skills for the annual display of the world’s best ice and snow sculptures.

3) Ocaso Festival, Costa Rica
An underground music festival runs a line-up of electronic acts with a focus on Costa Rica’s home-grown talent from 6th to 11th January.

4) International Kite festival, India
On the 14th of January, the most popular kite festival around the world takes place in Gujarat. Homemade, colourful creations fill the sky.

5) Winterworld, Germany
On 19th January, a fest takes place in Germany for electronic music fans, bringing together top DJs from across the genres. For ten solid hours, an estimate of 8,000 people pack into the city’s dm-Arena, with tickets under €50.


Showcase - exhibit; display.

Kite - a toy consisting of a light frame with thin material stretched over it, flown in the wind.

Line-up - a group of people or things brought together for a particular purpose, especially the members of a sports team or a group of musicians or other entertainers.

To put together - make something by assembling different parts or people.

Source: Vickyflipfloptravel

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