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The 7 Keys to Creative Collaboration

In this sketch note video, John Spencer explores what makes creative collaboration work.

mardi 3 oct., Il y a 2 mois
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What makes creative collaboration work effectively? Here are seven ideas.

1. Ownership: Members need to be empowered from the start.
2. Dependability: Creative collaboration requires members to hit their deadlines and develop creative endurance.
3. Trust: When members trust one another, they work interdependently.
4. Structure: The structure should be loose and flexible.
5. A Shared Vision: a shared desire, a goal you are aiming for, and picture of what you will produce.
6. Fun: The best collaborative groups are the ones where you want to be together.
7. Candor: It’s the idea that groups need to be honest about what’s working and failing

Source: John Spencer

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