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The 15-year-old animator who made a movie scene!

Preston, a young animator, discusses his viral recreation of the 'Spider-Verse' trailer, catching Sony's eye and leading to a collaboration, showcasing his passion and ambition in animation.

jeudi 23 nov., Il y a 3 semaines
 6 min

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This video features a talented young animator, named Preston, discussing his experience with creating animations, particularly a recreation of the "Across The Spider-Verse" movie trailer using Lego. Preston talks about the surreal experience of his work being noticed by Sony after uploading it to YouTube and Twitter. Sony contacted him, offering a collaboration for the movie project. He used Blender, a free 3D software, to create these animations. Preston aims to become a director and animator, offering advice to aspiring animators. He expresses admiration for Spider-Man and emphasizes the limitless creativity in animation.


• Though: this conjuction is used to show a contrast between two ideas in a sentence.

• Footage: recorded material or scenes, in a movie, video, or film.

• To render: in the context of animation or graphics, rendering refers to the process of generating an image or sequence of images from a 3D model. It's the final step in the production of an image or animation after all the elements (such as lighting, texture, and motion) have been added.

• Flares: they refer to bright, intense light effects that simulate a reflection.

• Color-grading: this process involves altering and enhancing the color and overall appearance of images or footage to achieve a particular visual style, mood, or tone.

• To look up to someone: to admire, respect, and consider someone as a role model or mentor.

• Director: a director is responsible for supervising the creative aspects of a film, play, or similar production. They guide the actors and crew, interpret the script, make decisions about the visual elements, and ensure the project's overall vision is achieved.

• To balance out: to maintain a stable situation by managing or adjusting different aspects that might conflict with each other.

Source: Behind the News YouTube channel.

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